Experience sounds from around the world. Hear the stories behind the songs. Travel with us releasing the sound of revival in distant lands. 

Experience sounds from around the world. Hear the stories behind the songs.  

Travel with us releasing the sound of revival in distant lands. Join with the songs of the nations. 

Sounds of the Nations Vol. 1

This is our first compilation of songs from the nations of India, Romania, and Philippines.

Sounds of the Nations Vol. 4

This is our newest music compilation of songs around the globe. Coming soon!

Sounds of the Nations Vol. 2

This music compilation is songs from 6 different nations releasing their unique sound of worship.


This album will take you to South Africa, Mozambique, and Ivory Coast as they release their authentic tribal African sound.

Global Meditation

by Dan McCollam
This album shares the sounds and atmospheres created by the ethnic instruments Dan collected during his travels around the world. 

Pray Around the World 

Pray around the world in just 30 min. This album combines 14 ethnic instrumental tracks crafted to empower you to pray effectively for the nations.

Sounds of the Nations Vol. 3

This music compilation is ethnic songs from South Africa, Australia, Israel, and France. 


This album will take you to the Indian reservations of America capturing the Native American languages and instruments of the Kiowa, Cherokee, Hopi, Navajo, and Camanche tribes. 

Christmas Around the World

Sounds of the Nations presents classic Christmas carols and original compositions in the styles and languages of the nations. 


This album is from our Sounds of the Nations India band with modern yet ethnic worship songs in Hindi. 


This is a Sounds of the Nations worship album recorded in South Africa.

God's Favorite word for Praise

by Dan McCollam

This audio teaching explores the 7 Hebrew words for praise mentioned most often in Scripture.

Worship in Heavenly Realms

by Dan McCollam

In this audio teaching, explore the authority and function of your worship in each of the three heavenly realms.


Spiritual Songs
by Dan McCollam

Scripture commands us to worship with songs, hymns, and spiritual songs. This audio teaching helps us understand what is the spiritual song.


Creative Dominion

by Dan McCollam

This audio teaching reveals five levels of risk that are necessary on the journey to discovering your creative dominion in Christ Jesus.


We Love You Baba

Experience the worship of orphans from Kenya, Mozambique, and Uganda as they sing songs of love, adoration, and joy to their heavenly Father.

Worship at the Next Level 

In this audio teaching, Dan teaches the keys of worshipping at: the level of your revelation, the level of your warfare, the level of your desperation, and into a new encounter.

Worship Writers Songwriting Course

by Dan McCollam

This course is a 12 part MP3 audio teaching that equips you to write great praise and worship songs.

The Worship Writer's Guide

by Dan McCollam
This ebook gives you fourteen transformational tools for writing great praise and worship songs. This book will help you tap into the wisdom that will strengthen the quality of your songwriting.

Finding Your Song

by Dan McCollam

This digital book explores seven sources of inspiration for writing great praise and worship songs. 

God Vibrations Study Guide

 by Dan McCollam

This digital book is a great training resource  for growing in understanding and inspiration regarding the power of sound in God’s universe. This does not include DVDs.

Basic Training for Prophetic Activation

by Dan McCollam

This ebook gives practical teaching on the prophetic with a study of the biblical basis and several activation exercises.  


Prophetic Company

by Dan McCollam

This ebook unearths biblical and historical foundations for the concept of a prophetic company while laying a path forward of definitions and structures valuable for building strong and robust prophetic communities.

May I Have This Dance

by Regina McCollam

This digital book a collection of true stores in which the author encounters the love and call of Jesus in a personal way.

52 Weeks Worship Writer Journal

by Dan McCollam

This book guides you through weekly inspirations, Scripture readings, song starts, and song writing tips on a 52-week journey of inspirational worship writing. 


52 Weeks Worship Writer Journal

by Dan McCollam

This book challenges the songwriter to embark on a 52-week journey of composing songs for every sphere of influence.


Sounds of Australia​

These songs are a small collection of what is being released amongst our Indigenous & non-indigenous artists of Australia. Many carry a strong message of reconciliation over the land.

Praze Craze

Sounds of the Nations partners with Mission Kids to create this high-energy worship project sung by kids for kids.

Praze Craze 2

Second album with Mission Kids to create this high-energy worship music sung by kids for kids.

Unlocking Creative Identity book

by Roma Waterman, Oceania director 

This book  is about uncovering what it really means to be the artist God wants you to be.


The God Artists 

by Roma Waterman
This book unlocks what is means to become a God Artist, to become a world changer. To be at the forefront of our artistic medium is to bring about influence on a global scale. 

Releasing Heaven's Song 

by Roma Waterman, Oceania director

In this workbook you will learn to release the song of the Lord over the nations to see revival and breakthrough. 

Our Savior Born

A Christmas album from our Oceania director in Australia,

Roma Waterman

Mary Elizabeth 
Worship music from our Scandinavian director, featuring a prophetic song "Norway" over the nation.

Release the Sound 

Here is music from Roma Waterman who releases a fresh sound of modern contemporary worship from Australia

Sound of Africa 

Compilation of song from our various worship leaders in Capetown, South Africa. Produced by our SOTN Director, Tim Feder

"Follow the Sound" by Disciples of Worship

Contemporary worship music from Scandinavian in English, Norwegian, & Swedish language while capturing a touch of the indigenous Sami joik.

Bethany Hicks

"Downpour" single

This prophetic song has been released in times of drought in different places around the world where a downpour of rain followed.

Ignite One Worship

This worship album is a collection of songs written by different church worship leaders collaborating 

togeher in San Diego from the One Sound ministry led by Heather Nunn.


This worship EP is a few fresh worship songs from our New Zealand directors, Josh & Amberley Klinkenberg.

The Art of Healing

by Josh Klinkenberg

This book shares profound revelation that will activate you into a life of healing and the miraculous. Josh also addresses many of the commonly held “hard questions” in regards to healing.

Breathing in with God Exhaling
by Michele Harris

This book shares how God designed us to experience His life through our senses, intellectual understanding and spiritual revelation.