Josh & Amberley serve as national and global directors living in Tauranga, New Zealand with their four children. Josh and Amberley are passionate worship leaders, speakers and teachers, training people in the normal christian life of communion with the Father. The Klinkenberg’s are also Jesus Culture Music Artists. 


Josh is the author of two books: “The Art of Healing”  is a book written to encourage and equip those who have a heart to move in healing and miracles. This book includes Josh’s story of having a special needs son and the journey through offense into freedom and power. The book,  “Miracles in Aotearoa NZ” documents the first hand testimonies of the miracles that happened through the ministry of well known New Zealand healing evangelist Weston Carryer.


Josh and Amberley pioneered InFlame Ministries in New Zealand, where they continue to train musicians, singers, songwriters, dancers, painters, and poets to release the power and Presence of God through the arts into all spheres of society. They run an online school of ministry and several conferences and gatherings each year. 

Josh & Amberley Klinkenberg-

New Zealand & Global Directors