Jerry Aaronson-

Native American Director

Jerry Aaronson is our Native American director. Jerry currently lives in Redding, California with his wife Marlene and is employed with Bethel Media doing electronics work for Bethel TV.  Jerry is a traditional dancer with Grand Chief Lynda Prince’s First Nations North America Team and the 120 Drums of Thunder.

 In 2014, Jerry went to Oklahoma along with Dan McCollam  & Rob Harris to record the Tribal America album capturing the songs and sounds of the tribes. You can find here: Tribal America


Jerry has had a dream of launching a  project called preserving the voice of the Elders, which is about recording the elders of different tribes on video so that they can teach their Grandchildren long after the Elders have departed this world into the next.  Jerry has a heart for the preservation of the sounds, crafts and knowledge of the host people of the land and to see them restored to their rightful place in Gods Kingdom.