Bethany Hicks-

North America Director

Bethany Hicks is a worshiper, equipping leader and prophetic voice to the Body.  Bethany serves Sounds of the Nations as a director, trainer and advancer and loves connecting global friends and family to one another. Currently, Bethany and her family live in Vacaville, CA where she serves on staff at the Mission Church and works directly with SOTN Founding Director, Dan McCollam, as a personal advancer related to all areas of worship, prophetic, teaching and training. 



When Bethany first released her song "Downpour" on the local radio, there had been a drought in her state for over four years, with little to no precipitation. On the release day there was the largest snow storm in her region in years and within weeks there was a pattern of regular rainfall.   This occurred several other times when she would release her song in different locations with the most recent being in Fiji.   The prophetic song will have a measurable result in the spiritual or natural realms.

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