Sounds of the Nations  is a revival missions organization founded by Dan McCollam in 1999 when he responded to his God-given call  to restore and redeem the ethnic sounds of the nations in worship. As a family of regional directors & partners around the world, our goal is to impact nations, regions, and cultures by hearing and releasing the song of the Lord through the sound of the people.  The song of the Lord is the expression of what God is saying over regions and people groups.  We believe there is transformational power when heaven is heard through the native tongue and instruments of the local people.


Our target is to capture the song of the Lord in the 389 languages which represent 98% of the world's population.  Each language holds a key to revealing God's glory in the Earth.  We record a wide spectrum of ethnic music from bush recordings in Africa to studio productions in New Zealand. We also target endangered languages in our Tribal Series in order to capture their sound before they become extinct altogether. SOTN releases a variety of music samplers and albums each year. Receive a free global song of the month HERE.

As "musicianaries," our primary focus is revival, but we are also pressing in for reformation in the different mountains of society with our songwriting. These targeted areas of society include education, government, religion, media, entertainment, family, and business. As 17th century French philosopher Blaise Pascal said, "It is not those who write the laws that impact society but those who write the songs."


How we do this: Our first step to impacting a nation is to hold a Heaven & Earth seminar taught by our regional directors and trainers. In this seminar, we train songwriters and musicians to create and capture the songs that will impact their cultures. You can find out more about Heaven & Earth seminars HERE.  Some of our team also operate domestic and/or online worship schools and recording studios. We also embark on periodic mission trips taking teams of musicianaries to various nations.  


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